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Outsourcing Salarizare / Administrare Personal / Recrutare

Services for Human Resources Officers


Out of the desire to create a long- term partnership, with fair earnings for all sides involved, Paylogic has created a special services system for the Human Resources Officers. Here is how you can work with Paylogic:

  • In case you already have a client to whom you are providing personnel administration services you can build up a team with Paylogic in order to also provide dedicated payroll services
  • You can recommend us a potential client and, as soon as we materialize collaboration with him, we will substantially compensate your effort.

In case you will collaborate with Paylogic you will benefit from:

  • Maximizing the chances to materialize a collaboration with a new client through provision of a complete new range of services
  • Access to high technology for salary calculation, on-line analysis and data import-export  
  • Expertise, through Paylogic working procedures and access to specialized legal consultancy in labour field
  • National level representation by providing complementary services all over the country
  • Sales Support through  Paylogic team, which is ready to assist you in the new client finding process
  • Fair sharing of earnings
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