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Outsourcing Salarizare / Administrare Personal / Recrutare

Services for Authorized Accountants and Accounting Firms


Why not work together?

We have created especially for you a system that could offer you the possibility to process your clients salaries at the highest quality standards, with a minimum effort, while the costs will be significantly lower than acquiring and managing any payroll software.

1.Subcontract the payroll activities to Paylogic, with the following benefits:

  • Instead of dealing with payroll for your clients, Paylogic takes over this activity, which will give you more time to focus on the basic services.
  • Reducing of costs (you won’t need a payroll software or the payment for its service!).
  • Paylogic places at your disposal permanent consultancy in payroll and labour legislation fields.
  • Paylogic WebServices – an electronic system through which you have access to additional services for your clients
  • Paylogic places at your disposal the payroll checks, the salary slips, the declarations, the bank files for the electronic payment that are necessary to the clients, and also the accounting notes ready to be imported in your accounting software.
  • Adapting to legal changes is the Paylogic responsibility.
  • Access to additional services that may offer a solution to the clients needs and through which together we can gain more.
2.Recommend us a potential client and as soon as we will materialize collaboration with him we will substantially compensate your effort!

3.Build up a team with Paylogic, if you already have a client to whom you provide payroll services, so that you could also provide dedicated personnel administration services!

We invite you to register in the enclosed form in order to receive full details regarding the system, working procedure and the involved costs!
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