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Outsourcing Salarizare / Administrare Personal / Recrutare


Outsourcing the payroll service means that a specialized company is dealing with the entire calculation process, from data processing to issuing all the documents requested by the law in force and by your company's internal needs.

Data processing consists of:

  • Computing any type of working hours (standard, supplementary, night shifts);
  • Computing the amounts related to the vacations;
  • Highlight absences without leave, unpaid leave and leave of absence;
  • Recording changes regarding salaries (gross monthly basic salaries, premiums, basic personal deductions and additional deductions, advances etc);
  • Performing the allowance calculation for medical leave;
  • Processing the amounts from benefits in kind granted to employees (rents, use of cars in personal purpose etc);
  • Elaborating bank payment reports (for payments by credit or debit card);
  • Elaborating the report regarding the "net-gross-cost to company" analysis
  • Centralizing the charges related to salaries.

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  The main advantages resulting from the outsourcing of payroll services to PayLogic are:
  • Taking over of the responsibilities
  • Providing the wage payroll correctly and on time
  • Providing the reports required by the Romanian legislation and internal regulations of your company
  • Relieve the accounting and human resources departments of the task of drawing up and managing payroll checks
  • Ensuring confidentiality of operations
  • Reducing costs (by canceling any possible expenditure on the purchase of a competitive software or maintenance costs for programmes, office space and furniture, the company's wage cost, vacation, training, benefits, meal tickets transportation to person-people involved in these processes and not least by reducing errors, default charges and taxes paid in more or worse, in less, which leads to calculation of price increases, penalties and fines.
Provision of payroll services is performed in a pleasant and smooth manner, considering the experience we have acquired in the most various and complex business situations. We manage to correct mistakes and to offer the best solutions for your needs. You can count on our consulting and auditing team concerning the fees and taxes related to salaries as well as concerning the labor legislation.

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