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With Paylogic, we consider that each candidate is special and every person can give the best of him if put in the situation that fits perfectly. 

We are inventive in finding suitable candidates and we want to go with them in their environment to see how they really react to the challenges of the job. 

We rely mainly on networking and on our business experience and we believe that Internet is just another manner to select a few CVs. 

The main advantages resulting from outsourcing personnel recruitement and selection services to Paylogic are:

  • Access to dedicated resources and expertise for each project
  • Quick covering of the personnel needs due to our consultants' experience
  • A flexible cost structure, taking into account the position, volume or specialization
  • Unconditioned availability of our team regardless the position searched for - entry level or top management
  • Ensuring confidentiality on the recruitment and selection process
 Sources of collecting the CVs:
  • Networking
  • Recommendations
  • Direct approach (head-hunting)
  • Paylogic People data base
  • Inserting ads regarding the vacant position on specialized web-sites
  • Inserting ads regarding the vacant position in specialized media

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Evaluation of candidates:
  • Interview with one of PayLogic People consultants 
  • Verification of references
  • Personality test

Selection of candidates

The short lists will contain the presentation of at least 3-4 candidates for each position. In case none of the candidates on the first short-list is approved (after your viewing of the presentation or after your interviews) we will provide a new short-list with no other additional costs.


The guarantee covers all situations for termination of the work contract between the two parties (Beneficiary and the Candidate presented by Paylogic People). The Paylogic People's obligation is to provide, in the shortest time, another short-list with no other additional costs for the Beneficiary.

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