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Outsourcing Salarizare / Administrare Personal / Recrutare

First steps in outsourcing


The enthusiastic and professional Paylogic consultants will help you understand the mechanisms of outsourcing

After signing the contract, Paylogic will name a Project Manager for each of the 2 major services groups, Payroll and Personnel Administration.

In order to begin the Payroll services, it is important that we plan together a few preliminary steps. We will consider the following aspects:


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  • The method through which your employees salaries are drawn up (type of negotiated salary– net/gross, lei or foreign currency, special allowances, increments of permanent nature, type of hours – standard, supplementary, night shift and their coefficient, premiums, bonuses, in kind benefits, deductions, guarantees, personal deductions)
  • Setting up the payroll check and the desired reports according to the company’s organization chart or cost centres and setting deadlines for their submission
  • The method through which the salaries are paid (cash or/ and card). From this point of view we will gather information regarding the files, special or multicash applications requested by your bank (technical specifications)
  • Setting up the “accounting note” report in order to transfer data in the accounting software.

At the end of the analysis we will establish the method through which the data base import is done and we will elaborate an implementation specification for the salary calculation. 
As far as the Personnel Administration is concerned, the Paylogic team will perform the following activities:

  • Checking the documents composing the personnel files according to legal requirements
  • Comparing the payroll check to the Work Books records and checking the documents behind the filling in of the Work Books (contracts, additional acts)
  • Elaborating a new informative report on the existent situation
  • Sharing responsibilities related to solving situations that might have appeared anterior to the date of commencement of the service contract
  • Coming to an agreement upon several procedures to be followed in case of elaboration of work contracts, additional acts and documents that should be issued at the termination of labour relationships, taking into account the labour legislation in force.
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