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HR MANAGEMENT ANALISYS is a management tool that synthesizes the essential information of the organization regarding the background and the current situation of the organization in terms of human resources. The application provides analysis and rapid access to relevant synthesis presented in a friendly and intuitive graphic format. 

HR MANAGEMENT ANALISYS allows working from several perspectives (that of the Top Management, that of the Human Resources Department etc), thus achieving a human resources related image of the organization both at a macro and micro level, through complex charts and analysis that describe the evolution in time or the situation of the relevant criteria at a certain moment.

HR MANAGEMENT ANALISYS connects to the information archive on salaries (timekeeping, costs, fees etc), which Paylogic processes for you. Here is some information you may combine to extract the desired analysis:
  • Employee’s net salary   
  • Employee’s gross salary   
  • Type of hours (normal, supplementary, absences, medical leave/vacation, etc.)  
  • Type of labor contracts  (determined/undetermined)  
  • Working schedule (normal/partial)  
  • Age groups   
  • Sex  
  • Head-count  
  • Company costs (fees, salaries, leave of which cost is sustained by the employer, etc.)  
  • Organizational structure
  • over

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The application allows filtering and selecting any criteria, so that the result reflects exactly the desired information.

The benefits of the Managers who use HR MANAGEMENT ANALISYS are:

  • Obtaining an overview on the organization’s human resources
  • Identification of any risks regarding human resources management that the organization might be exposed to               
  • Tracking costs
  • Efficient planning of human resources
  • Obtaining a facile and correct on time analysis of the data.


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We believe it is important to underline the major differences between the HR MANAGEMENT ANALISYS system and a classic reporting system. Unlike classic and static reporting, HR MANAGEMENT ANALISYS provides:
  • Mobility – it is enough that you carry your lap-top all over the world and have an internet connexion in order to access the analysis
  • Data filtering, including by identifying the exceptions to the rule
  • Exporting of data in .xls and .pdf format (including the related charts)
  • Transmitting alerts related to deviation from normal for any criterion in the data base
  • Alert e-mailing to the management ensuring permanent contact with the organization status
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